The READ 10 Executive Board is comprised of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Building Vice-Presidents of all four schools and serves as the governing body of the Association.

read10-bookThe Representative Council consists of the Executive Board, Building Representatives and the Committee Chairs. Through active participation and a commitment to Association goals and objectives, the Building Representatives are the face-to-face contacts between the Association and its Members.

READ 10 Leadership Team 2016-2017

President:  Cynthia Dias (LSM)  diasc@region10ct.org

Secretary:  Pam Sheehy (HB)  sheehyp@region10ct.org

Treasurer:  Deb Rizzo (HB)  rizzod@region10ct.org

LSM Vice-President:  Alan Hanks  hanksa@region10ct.org

LSM Building Representative:  Ellen Coville  covillee@region10ct.org

HB Vice-President:  Maria Grappone  grapponem@region10ct.org

HB Building Representative:  Marc Riccio  ricciom@region10ct.org

HCS Vice-President:  Karen Czerwinski  czerwinskik@region10ct.org

HCS Building Representative:  Sharon Haworth  haworths@region10ct.org

LG Vice-President:  Tyler Boyle  boylet@region10ct.org

LG Building Representative:  Amanda Corwin  corwina@region10ct.org

Negotiations Committee:  Chaired by Pam Sheehy (HB); committee members are Greg Crameri (HB), Meg Norton (HCS), Bob Gauvain (HCS), Josh Krampitz (LSM) and Barbara Angelicola-Manzolli (LSM).   The Negotiations committee is responsible for reviewing the current contract, seeking recommendations from the Membership concerning changes they would like to see in the new contract and taking action in the negotiation of all READ 10 contracts.

The Professional Rights and Responsibilities (Grievance) Committee is comprised of the President and the four building READ 10 Vice-Presidents who are responsible for facilitating and resolving contract-related issues at Levels One, Two, Three and Four in the grievance process.

Membership:  Dawn Marie Conroy (HCS) conroyd@region10ct.org     The Membership committee is responsible for communicating with Central Office and CEA to update lists of current certified educators outside of the administrators’ bargaining unit in Region 10 and providing information to support Members regarding TSEP and TEAM.

Communications:  Amanda Corwin  (LG)  corwina@region10ct.org     The Communications committee is responsible for communicating events and news of the schools to Membership and the local community, as well as publicizing the campaigns of the Association and maintaining the READ 10 website.

Scholarship:  Carol Brault (HB)  braultc@region10ct.org     The Scholarship committee is responsible for identifying and selecting graduating LSM seniors who qualify for the READ 10 Scholarship to help further their education.  The Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of current and former Region 10 teachers who are, or were before they retired, members of our local teachers association.

United Way:  Josh Krampitz (LSM)  krampitzj@region10ct.org      The United Way committee serves as the liaison between the READ 10 Membership and the United Way of West Central Connecticut serving students and families in the local communities.